Conference Convenors

Dr Peter Lawrence

Dr Peter Lawrence researches in the field of climate change, international law and justice. He is author of ‘Justice for Future Generations, Climate Change and International Law’ (2014). Peter is also a baritone whose climate change activist songs can be heard on YouTube.

Jan Linehan

Jan Linehan is a lawyer with broad experience in multilateral negotiations, who has also written on international law and climate change. She is particularly interested in community engagement and the arts in the areas of climate change and human rights.



Organising Committee

  • Peter Lawrence (Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania)
  • Jan Linehan (Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania)
  • Marcus Düwell (Ethics Institute, University of Utrecht) 
  • Liesbeth Feikema (Ethics Institute, University of Utrecht)
  • Michael Reder (Munich School of Philosophy)
  •  Lukas Köhler (Centre for Environmental Ethics and Education of the Munich School of Philosophy)

Please note due to the expected high volume of email, the organising committee will not be “super-responsive”. Please wait for more information about practicalities, Hobart, travel, accommodation, which will be available here soon and via the Conference newsletter (subscribe in the sidebar)