'Imagining a Future Where Justice Prevails' - Peter Boyer

Considering the impact of heatwaves on recent sporting events, in a recent article Peter Boyer reflects on how the world of elite sport must react to climate change. It is evident that all aspects of life will be affected by extreme weather conditions. This leads to a discussion of how the world's poorest people will be forced to cope and survive in a changing climate, when they lack the resources that the developed world has.

He says, 'when you think about it, questions of justice, or fairness, creep into pretty well everything we are faced with in dealing with human-induced climate change.'

This is especially pertinent with an election coming up in Tasmania, as it is an important time to 'challenge the assumptions and pose the questions that politicians and the rest of us need to be asking.'

Imagining a Different Future is a perfect opportunity for this to take place.

To read more, find the full article at http://southwind.com.au/2018/01/23/imagining-a-future-where-justice-prevails/