UTLR Special Issue on Climate Justice

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Climate Justice Special Issue of the University of Tasmania Law Review. This special issue entitled 'Imagining a Different Future: Overcoming Barriers to Climate Justice’ grew out of our climate justice conference in 2018. The Special Issue is available in print and has also been made available free online to ensure wide dissemination because of the urgency of climate change and the importance of justice considerations. 


  1. Introduction to the Special Issue: Imagining a Different Future, Overcoming Barriers to Climate Justice by Nicky van Dijk, Jan Linehan and Peter Lawrence

  2. Imagining Different Futures through the Courts: A Social Movement Assessment of Existing and Potential New Approaches to Climate Change Litigation in Australia by Danny Noonan

  3. Justice and Climate Transitions by Jeremy Moss and Robyn Kath

  4. Ecocide and the Carbon Crimes of the Powerful by Rob White

  5. Individual Moral Duties Amidst Climate Injustice: Imagining a Sustainable Future by Steve Vanderheiden

  6. Lawfare, Standing and Environmental Discourse: A Phronetic Analysis by Brendon Murphy and Jeffrey McGee

  7. Climate, Culture and Music: Coping in the Anthropocene by Simon Kerr (Non-Peer Reviewed Article)

Many thanks to all the contributors and our editors Kathryn Ellis, Frances Medlock, Rose Mackie and Taylor Bachand for their editorial and administrative assistance. 

An electronic copy of the special issue is available on the University of Tasmania Law Review website.

Climate Justice