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What is climate justice? What are the barriers impeding effective action on climate change? What would the future look like if fairness, equity and justice were part of the response to climate change and the transition to a decarbonising world? How do we get there?

These were some of the questions in the climate justice Conference Imagining a Different Future which brought together a diverse range of thinkers to explore climate justice and inspire new strategies to overcome barriers to effective and just climate action. As well as researchers and scientists, there were activists, local community groups, students, artists, writers and musicians involved in the Conference and community discussions.

The Knowledge Hub contains the Conference blog posts and audio & video recordings of all the presentations at the Conference, along with links to other useful resources. The full list of presenters is in the final programme and you can use the search function with the presenter’s name or title.

Keynote Presenters: Robyn Eckersley, Steve Vanderheiden, Catriona McKinnon, Marcus  Düwell, Jeremy Moss, Sivan Kartha, Lavanya Rajamani, Guy Goodwin-Gill, Jack Pezzey, Nathan Bindoff, Ben Richardson and Jan McDonald.


  • Worldviews, Justice & Ethics

  • Barriers to Climate Justice

  • Strategies to Overcome


  • Society and Economy

  • Humanity and Philosophy

  • Law, Policy and Governance

  • Science and Technology

  • Art

  • Activism